Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Walker puts self on par with Microsoft, Apple, Facebook founders

One thing about Walker: No one will ever accuse him of being classy.

Our super-narcissist Governor went on Fox 'News,' fudged again his dropping out from Marquette (34 credits short of graduation does not equal "senior year" or an on-schedule degree) said he's no different than the college dropouts who founded Apple, Microsoft or Facebook, (entrepreneurs who did create jobs and revolutionary products at very early ages), and managed to rate Barack Obama's job performance "lousy."

All in all, another big day for Walkeropathy.

What a little man.


Anonymous said...

Walker would be more accurate to compare himself to political leaders like Mussolini and Hitler.

Mortified in West Allis said...

Can't wait to hear about the seismic event caused by corpse spinning in the grave, when Walker compares himself to non-graduate Harry Truman. Fortunately, West Allis is far enough away from Independence Missouri to avoid the jolt.