Monday, February 16, 2015

Journal Sentinel omits Koch-interest tie to new Walker appointee

The rumors were right, but the reporting is incomplete, as new top Public Service Commission aide and ex-lobbyist Bob Seitz has represented the Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity as well as GTac mining and other clients.  Sure can't hurt Walker as he chases after Koch funding for his 2016 presidential run.

I reported the AFP link in November, 2013, and cited state lobbying records:
2013-2014 Legislative Session
Americans For Prosperity

Lobbyist NameDate AuthorizedAuthorization Withdrawn
Seitz, Robert5/31/2013 


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, he's also lobbied for Wisconsin Utility Investors, Inc. for the past ten years -- direct ties to the people his new boss is supposed to be regulating. The PSC is supposed to look out for ratepayers, not utility shareholders.

Anonymous said...

The fix is in.

Sue said...

Commenters to the online edition have picked up on this and are noting the connections. I wonder if J-S will update the article.

Anonymous said...

mjs is a pro-walker propaganda tool -- nothing more and nothing less.

So why the surprise here?

yes, just like 2000 when there was a lame duck president -- the fix is in. It is disturbing how so many dismiss the likelihood that walker is exactly the tool that powerful multinational interests are looking to place in the white house by hook or crook.

Remember, scott walker is a cousin of george WALKER bush.

CJ said...

Wait, wait. I am not a lawyer, is it legal to be a registered lobbyist and well as a government appointee in WI?

Robert Seitz's last license issue was 12/17/14.


James Rowen said...

Word is he terminated his registrations w/in the last few days.

CJ said...

James, Looks like he's only withdrawn from GTac and Wisconsin Utility Investors Inc. Still registered to represent 5 other groups.

Given Walker's propensity for quick draw and take care of details later, this warrants more investigation.

Look at the page:

James Rowen said...

Thanks. Posted.