Friday, February 6, 2015

Selling budget, Walker Idea on display

The carefully choreographed state PR tour Walker conducted after he released his proposed state budget was reminiscent of the way he ran his re-election campaign - - or as we can accurately call it - - the 2014 installment of his 25-Year-Perpetual Campaign. (Twenty-six if you count his failed 1988 run for Marquette University student body president).

Though his budget carries historic hits to UW schools, Walker spoke only at businesses in five communities though there are UW schools in three of them  - - Eau Claire, La Crosse and Sevens Point.

And there are UW schools in cities very close to the two suburban Green Bay and Waukesha locations where he spoke.

He could have spoken on one or more of those campuses, but he ducked.

More of the Walker Idea.

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Anonymous said...

This is the worst power grabbing budget in Wisconsin history. All his consolidations do nothing more than put more decision making solely in his hands, although it's been that way anyway but this power grab just makes it official. It is beyond belief that this legislature will rubber stamp taking $427 million from education [public schools and U W } but give $225 million to a pro basketball team. Then borrow another $1.3 billion to give to his road builder donors, Which means he has placed nearly $3 billion on the Wisconsin credit card since he took office. Sadly out of every future tax dollar collected 25 cents must pay for existing debt. Not only is he presently starving state government to death along with the services we need but he is putting government in a bind for years to come. He is damaging our present but destroying our future!