Thursday, February 5, 2015

About UW mission tampering, Walker's need to 'immediately fess up'

Walker is still parsing, spinning and not coming completely clean about what he knew, and when, about gutting the UW mission statement on his way to gutting the UW's budget and purpose.

And since we all know this FUBAR is not Walker's first trip to The Fact-Free Rodeo - - nor his sole finger-pointing relapse - - or his only high-profile failure to own up to behind-the-scenes activities - - he would be well-advised to remember how deeply negatively fans reacted when the truth finally came out about Ryan Braun's use of performance-enhancing drugs.

One local man laid out why he wasn't going to to quickly forgive and forget: was bad enough that he broke the rules, but the fact that he didn't immediately fess up to it, that he dragged it all out...It's not just what he did, it's that he strung us out for so long."
That man, that fan, was Scott Walker. 


Anonymous said...

come on, James... you don't really expect us to believe that someone as stupid as Scott Walker actually strung 2 coherent sentences together, do you? Was this before or after he bumped his brain on that magical bald-spot-causing cabinet door?

Anonymous said...

The story in the Journal Sentinel in which U W officials objected to the changes but were told: "These changes are not open to debate." ....makes it crystal clear that Walker directed this and has now been caught in at least 3 lies in his attempt to cover it up. One of these days an underling with a conscience and a sense of right and wrong will come forward and out Walker. A MAN WHO PLAYS THIS LOOSELY WITH THE TRUTH OR HAS SUCH LITTLE VALUE FOR TRUTH WILL FALL VICTIM TO HIS LIES. I feel sorry for his wife and sons as they must live with his lies day in and day out. Walker epitomizes the corruption of politics perhaps more so than any previous Wisconsin leader!

Anonymous said...

Fess up? None of us will live that long.

Anonymous said...

ummm, how come no one is mentioning that Walker could not have even read "his" budget if his excuses are to be believed; press failure once again

Anonymous said...

anon 9:28

EVERYTHING happening in Wisconsin is a press failure -- this is a much bigger story than whatever walker does -- many don't get it.

The press will fail us massively on the national level -- walker can be put in the white house by hook or crook.

Don't believe me? Just google: walker law of large numbers

Press failures are not glitches -- they are features of corporate media.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo, is it me or are there striking parallels between this current situation and the "plagiarism" charge thrown at Mary Burke. When Burke's staffer published materials in haste, he took the fall and was fired. And she owned it.

Walker, not so much.