Friday, February 6, 2015

His record explains Walker's UW/ 'no-buck-stops-here' FUBAR

A review of Walker's history ( serious archivists, begin here) would have helped him issue a truer explanation with a better organizing label than the not-believable evasive, dishonest, self-protecting mush and mess he is still serving up.

Here's what he could have said, of course in a written statement with all the campaign people checking off:

No one in my administration will be disciplined for having done to the Wisconsin Idea what the rest of my budget, my first term, my life-long campaign and my new quest for the presidency is all about: the supremacy of my ego and need for my political advancement. I call it The Walker Idea, and it's all about me.

That's why I said "my" six times in the thought above, because that's what  The Walker Idea is all about. If you haven't figured that out yet, that's your fault - - not my fault - - as I told you when I unleashed Act 10. You can look that up.

And that's why I've gotten 32 other "False" PolitiFact rulings, and ten "Pants on Fire" findings, with the UW Mission statement tissue of lies being #10.

You can look all that up, too. 

Protecting me with The Walker Idea also explains why I do not have to say I am sorry for advancing, 'lying about,' or 'covering up the so-called truth' in this case.

I am not saying I am sorry sorry because I am not. The Walker Idea recognizes no such phrases.

And because The Walker Idea includes and protects and accelerates the sanctity of small government with me in charge serving my needs and my donors, all of which has more value where it counts - -  to me - - than some old-timey idea about higher education that Free Market haters cling to with senile nostalgia.

And look: let's be practical. If I disciplined anyone for that big cover-up and my calling to all a "drafting error," I'd have to basically write myself some kind of ticket, or step aside, or mouth the words "I'm sorry I lied" out loud, and none of that's in my cards.

I've blamed that failure (see right there how I left out "my"?- - that's The Walker Idea, in action!) to create the jobs I promised on everything and everyone from Jim Doyle to Act 10 protesters to Libyan rebels to the GOP-engineered fiscal cliff to Obamacare and cold weather.

Get it yet? Not my failure. Theirs, whomever.

I blamed that 1990 student campaign loss on supporters. I said I was unaware they were breaking campus campaign rules. 

So others did it again to me: budget people and personal staff let me down when I was out of town raising money and doing interviews and rehearsing my Tea Party appearance in Des Moines with my friends Trumpy and Hope and Changey Sarah.

Hey - - I even let personal staffers take felony pleas and jail time for setting up an illegal, partisan campaign operation just a few feet down the hall from thatMilwaukee County Executive office some people say was mine.

I didn't apologize to taxpayers for that because it opens the door to something I've heard about: taking responsibility. You might think that's an important part of being the state's Chief Executive, but that's not how the The Walker Idea works. 

I do promise you this: I will do my best to make sure people in Iowa and national media newsrooms out East accurately assess this little dust-up about the UW as did the Journal Sentinel editorial board in 2012 when it endorsed me for a second time and wrote off the John Doe scandal to staff over-zealousness

There's The Walker Idea in action.

Walker  '16.


Anonymous said...

Nailed it!

Anonymous said...

well, I guess that's a better answer than to say that he wanted to change the Wisconsin Idea to rectify the mistakes of Jim Doyle, though he still has time to come out with that statement, (even if he doesn't know what "rectify" means).

Johnny said...

walker just got another pants-on-fire lie rating from politifact for falsely proclaiming that his Wisconsin Idea controversy was a 'drafting error'

But no one should celebrate that rating nor think it means mjs will do some honest reporting.

They will endorse walker for prez (eventually) and they will provide plenty of cover, disinformation, and outright propaganda to keep the public stoooopid about what walker is doing and who he works for.

Remember, it was mjs that sanitized the dirty koch brother lies from a koch funded fake news cite that Mary Burke was fired from Trek for incompetence.

This is a BGD because the rest of the media in Wisconsin, on cue, repeated the lies from mjs' top reporters -- when the rest of the media trumpeted those lies across the state immediately before the election, they cited mjs as their source (not the fake news koch funded site).

No one should think that anyone at politifact (or mjs) is on our side just because they happen to state the obvious truth from time to time (overall, expect them to publish many more dishonest walker talking points).

scott walker is the most dishonest candidate on the national radar right now - but remember -- this is who milwaukee journal sentinel endorsed over-and-over again.

And they will endorse him in the future too.

The point?

Our real problem is a dysfunctional media -- koch whores like walker are a dime a dozen.

Propaganda screeched across the state?


Anonymous said...

I am waiting to see how they spin this. I've read on FB (not a reliable source of course) that his staff are not happy to be taking the fall for this.