Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Drafting error" is Walker's "Oops."

[Updated] I'd put Walker's memorable phrase right up there with Rick Perry's infamous "Oops."

Or remember the low-level staffer who took the fall for Walker's suggestion you send his campaign a donation instead of buying Christmas gifts for the family? He has a long history of pointing the finger when ducking responsibility.

What Walker did with his Wisconsin Idea rewrite/pulback-sorta was to redefine - - without being forced - - the issue of whether you need a college degree to be a leader or The President (he quit Marquette University two credits short of a completed junior year), to 'do you understand what a university - - a major state university - - is all about?'

And by flunking that one-question exam has been hoist on his own ideological, anti-intellectual petard.

And as far as believing it was a drafting error - - I'm not buying it. It was Walker's ideological intention, and he got caught, and is finding out that the firestorm is fanned by the national attention he has been grasping after all these many years.


Anonymous said...

Here is audio of Walker talking about the change in focus for the UW System.

my5cents said...

My first thought when I read in my local newspaper today that it was a drafting error was "baloney". If it was an error then why was Walker out talking about his new idea the day after his budget speech. It was not an error. Why do they think they can whitewash everything and think we will all buy their feeble explanation. Isn't it about time that they realize they are not dealing with dummies out here; that we can see what they are really trying to do. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

WSJ has a copy of Walker's re-write of the U W mission statement No drafting error...... LFB PRINTED IT AS WALKER DIRECTED THEM TOO. WHAT WE HAVE IS WALKER CAUGHT in another lie.....denying it with another lie AS EARLIER YESTERDAY HE HAD DEFENDED THE CHANGE IN THE MISSION STATEMNET.I hope Wisconsin media stays on top of this and we'll wait to see who he has fall on the sword this time. If John Doe had been allowed to continue just think of the enlightenment Wisconsin voters would have received and all the more reason that the GAB must be left intact.