Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One post with a Scott Walker archive]] I've had requests to summarize significant lowlights of Scott Walker's career, politics and agendas. I put this quick list together - - inadvertently, a Top Ten Twelve of sorts - - before I dealt preliminarily with Walker's Chaos Budget.

*  Disregard for law.

*  Rail and jobs fail.

*  Despite his claim, Walker is not an environmentalist.

*  Science disregarded.

*  People and groups disrespected and manipulated.

*  Attacking the poor.

*  Questions national media should be asking.

*  Documenting various contradictions and hypocrisies.

*  Documenting more contradictions and hypocrisies.

*  True costs for Wisconsin, by the numbers.


*  Turning public natural resources over to monied special interests.

*  Walkeropathy.

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