Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Walker ends big, bold parsing day with more word play

After his Oops Moment about junking, then sorta backing away from throwing out the UW's signature, 110-year-old "Wisconsin Idea" public service pledge, Scott Walker kept getting all slippery on other issues, Dan Bice reports.

Walker said he supports Wisconsin kids getting life-saving vaccinations - - but added that the states should decide whether the shots should be mandatory - - so Walker can walk on the Free Choice side of the street, too, without sounding like a Rand Paul doofus.

And Walker said he was not running for President.

Well, not formally, not yet, since there is all sorts of strategery, mating rituals and candidate hokey-poled one goes through before the full-on, mega-hyped announcement, but he's sure burning through a lot of frequent flyer miles and eating a lot of Iowa ham sandwiches for nothing.

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