Thursday, February 5, 2015

Better big-bold label needed: IdeaGate? Walkeropathy 2.0?

At first I thought Walker's so-called "drafting error" was his Rick Perryesque "oops" moment, but now that we know misleading and false speaking were involved, we need a better label.

Walkeropathy works.

And "Wrong-Way Walker" was a good fit when the subject was his jobs-added fail, along with other policies making us the Great Lakes Backwater.

Some of you wags out there should be able to do something creative with mission creep and Walker's attempt to excise the Wisconsin Idea and tear apart the UW mission statement.

Nominations welcome.


jimspice said...

As a nod to the supposed "drafting error" I nominate "draft dodge" or "errorgate."

Anonymous said...

Let's call a spade a spade as my history teacher used to say. A liar is a liar and Walker is a liar.

Aunt Bee said...

Progress on hold: Wisconsin Idle

Anonymous said...

I nominate the lying liars at Milwaukee journal sentinel that have all carried walker's water for years now, endorsed him for gov. three times, and continues to promote him as presidential timer.

Wisconsin's ace "watchdog" reporter and the usual bunch of hacks sanitized a Koch-brothers lie right before the November election, literally reprinting their lies word-for-word so that the rest of the media echo chamber could republish the lies and attribute them to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel instead of a fake news Koch brothers' website.

The rest of Wisconsin's media would never have reprinted anything directly from a Koch brothers web, "ace" reporters at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did and have no shame about doing it.

Expect many more lies and disinformation from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and no one benefits from the more than scott walker and the out-ofstate multinational corporate interests he works for.

Anonymous said...

He's using the Bart Simpson Defense:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To be accurate it should be F*ck Buckygate.