Thursday, October 15, 2020

Wisconsin sets records for COVID, GOP dishonest fecklessness

Here's all you need to know to grasp why Wisconsin keeps drawing national attention for repeatedly reporting record-breaking GOP-enabled COVID-19 caseloads.

* Begin with this headline in mid-May the day after GOP Legislative 'leaders' successfully convinced a right-wing majority on the State Supreme Court to overturn Gov. Evers' extended pandemic-controlling 'Safer-at-Home order:

Evers: Vos, Fitzgerald ‘very comfortable’ without statewide COVID-19 approach

* Then move on - after five months and hundreds of additional COVID-19 deaths, tens of thousands more COVID-19 cases and lifestyle alterations too numerous to list - 

- and continuing court actions by GOP legislative leaders (at taxpayer expense) and their ideological allies to block masking and related policy changes and public health measures - and read the latest outreach from Gov. Evers Monday and its continuing GOP snub.

Gov. Evers calls on Vos, Fitzgerald to meet, discuss COVID-19 response in Wisconsin

* And finally - if you have the stomach for it - absorb this wholly misleading, disingenuous and citizen-in-your-face tweet just posted by WI GOP Assembly Speaker and leading GOP friend-of-the-virus Robin Vos

As I have said before, we need everyone to work together to contain the coronavirus: follow CDC guidelines, wear a mask, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing. #StopTheSpread


Katrina said...

Texting those words must have burnt his thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he has finally been moved by the suffering of fellow Wisconsinites, or someone he cares about is fighting for their life in an ICU?

Nah. Most likely a craven flip-flop of a purely political nature. Hopes nobody is really paying attention....

Joel Jacobsen is his opponent. See

James Rowen said...

@Katrina: It's almost as if he were creating a record in anticipation of litigation.

Katrina said...

Always good to consider the lawsuits first and foremost.