Sunday, October 11, 2020

Walker showed Trump how to be a science and expertise abuser

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The White House has repeatedly meddled with decisions by career professionals at the FDACenters for Disease Control and Prevention and other science-based agencies. Many of the nation’s leading scientists, including some of the top doctors in the administration, are deeply disturbed by the collision of politics and science and bemoan its effects on public health.

-  to environmental damage, voting suppression and other harmful policies Trump apparently picked up from the wrecking ball and expertise abuser known as Scott Walker.

Walker's 8-year attack on Wisconsin's environment. Part 18. The 33 times science was dissed, dismissed.

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There personnel and policy connections between Teams Walker, Schimel and Trump.

In fact, Trump named Walker's long-time DNR Secretary and climate science foe Cathy Stepp to two senior USEPA positions and Stepp's former DNR Deputy Kurt Thiede replaced Stepp earlier this year as Trump's US EPA Great Lakes director when she finally retired. 

Details, here.

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