Wednesday, October 28, 2020

WI anti-science man notices that pandemic thing

The same Robin Vos who made turned himself into a 'perfectly safe' national laughingstock by claiming in world-ending garb

that COVID-19 didn't really threaten anyone, and who fought Evers in court and media while the pandemic rampaged through Wisconsin has shape-shifted into an incumbent under siege a few days before election day that something's not working here

'What we’re doing now as a state isn’t working': After state hits 5K new cases, Robin Vos calls for new coronavirus action

Correct you are, sir. But it's more of who's not working, which would be you, as the recess you called for nearly seven months to satisfy partisan special interests, re-election obligations and your party's ideological pathology only aided and abetted your obstruction of the Governor's COVID-19 prevention orders and COVID-19's out-of-control here.

Vos must think everyone is as uninformed and flat-out stupid as he is, but that's what happens when an intensly-self-serving gerrymander hatched in secret keeps the power-hungry and anti-science party in control.

And which also helps an appreciative, opportunistic pandemic flood hospitals with patients and gift funeral homes with a growing customer base.


joerossm said...

So, has Vos seen something in his polling that prompts this outpouring of concern for his fellow man? Maybe the hundreds of thousands in campaign spending by his opponent?

Anonymous said...

Polishing that Snickers Bar as Republicans do... but just now realized it's a brown trout!

Anonymous said...

Such a tiny, tiny mind. Through Walker, Voss, Fitzgerald, Koch Brothers etc. we have seen educational quality decline in the state and the general ranking of a UW degree fall in value. If you really look at daily life it is impossible to find a single item that the Wisconsin GOP has made better for average people over the last 20 years. When you combine environmental degradation, hobbling renewable energy,blocking mass transit improvements, blocking wage improvements, restricting improvements in healthcare, decreasing food safety regulations/enforcement and much more it certainly boggles the mind that they still receive any amount of support. But then again if we look at the national situation it is clear that at least 40%+ of the country has no problem in tearing children from their parents at the border and keeping them locked up in filthy conditions, going around knowingly and selfishly spreading a deadly virus, transferring their money for no gain to the top 2% or so, coddling violent thugs in camouflage who plot to kidnap officials all while also fomenting hate against anybody with skin darker than writing paper and the list goes on. There is no redeeming these folks or "getting through" to them. If the dead bodies of their neighbors, family and co-workers doesn't get through to them nothing ever will.

Anonymous said...

A veritable doodie in the GOP swimming pool!

Peter Felknor said...

Beautifully said, Anonymous. I mean, that says it all.