Monday, October 12, 2020

WI denies Foxconn tax credits until work matches a contract

You could see this coming a mile away because useful as they are, ventilators and perhaps airport coffee dispensing machines are not the flat-panel electronic products which Foxconn and its leading misleader Scott Walker - and others - 


had pledged were coming to Racine County:

State says Foxconn cannot receive billions in tax credits until new contract is drafted

Along with the blue-collar boom and thousands of high-paying jobs which Trump said was coming to Racine County? 

Three years ago, Taiwan-based electronics giant Foxconn was lured to the Milwaukee suburbs by former Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, and his GOP allies, with $4 billion in tax breaks.

In return, Foxconn promised to hire 13,000 people, the bulk of whom would work in a factory assembling high-tech liquid crystal display screens at a new plant in the town of Mt. Pleasant. 

Happy to add today's bid for accountability and truth by Wisconsin's not-Walkerite leadership to my nearly 40-month long Foxconn archive

[Updated continuously from June, 2017] This 380+ post archive tracks, explains and provides context for Wisconsin's publicly-awarded environmental favors, legal privileges and $4.5 billion in state and local funds to subsidize and assist Taiwan-based Foxconn. 

Call it a Scott Walker - - and failed campaign manuever - - production.

From NBC Nightly News, 7/21/19


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