Sunday, June 28, 2020

Wisconsin's attack on Covid is supremely screwed up

It's fair to say that Wisconsin's statewide effort to contain the spread of Covid-19 remains supremely screwed up.

That's because the GOP's little legislative dictators in year two of a power-grabbing binge (assisted by a friend of the court brief from the Tavern League of Wisconsin) waltzed to a depressing State Supreme Court ruling surprising no one 
Right-wing WI Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack wrote the 4-3 majority opinion shelving the state's Safer-at-Home order - while the Court safely met online.
which abruptly ended - without the Republican's promised alternative - Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' proposed extension of the science-based virus-suppressing 'Safer-at-Home' order.

The New York Times noted the outcome unique to our state:
There have been legal challenges to stay-at-home orders in MichiganCaliforniaKentucky and Illinois, but none of those were successful in persuading a court to fully strike down the order, as the plaintiffs in the Wisconsin case were.
The Times piece also carried Evers' prediction: "People will get sick" in the chaos that was coming.

And here we are with Wisconsin's official count again showing a not-surprising spiking growth of new Covid-19 cases; when the Court issued its infamous ruling, Wisconsin had reported 10,902 cases. Saturday, June 27, the reported total was 27,286.

This was how Urban Milwaukee had reported it on June 24:
Biggest Number of New COVID-19 Cases in Three Weeks
Positive case rate is trending up, the opposite of what public health officials want to see.
Lamentably, infuriatingly, a worse headline that this ugly one about two months ago:
Wisconsin reports largest jump in coronavirus cases in at least two weeks
This isn't a trend, or another 'uptick,' as headline writers are repeatedly wont to write: it's a disaster - and this Washington Post headline is more to the point:
With Trump leading the way, America’s coronavirus failures exposed by record surge in new infections
In Wisconsin, we're now among the states with at least a 50% growth in new cases in the last two weeks. So we're not Texas and Florida, but is that really what you want to put on your bumper-sticker?

And, hey, give it time and we just get there now that more businesses, bars and restaurants are open, Northern Wisconsin is open to seasonal tourism and our beach weather is where it was in Texas and Florida a few weeks ago.
Despite COVID-19 uptick, Bradford Beach continues to draw large crowds
The message sent to beach-goers and others eager to hear what they wanted from the majority on its already openly-compromised Supreme Court by catering to Republican ultra-partisan posturing, contorted 'freedom' orthodoxies and special-interest obeisance isn't much different than what Trump intentionally communicates with his embrace of quack virus 'treatments' and his refusal to lead by wearing a mask:

Science is bunk.

We're not all in this together.

I'm in the wrong job.

Forget that being your brother or sister or grandparents' keeper these days, but feel free to be their vector.

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