Monday, October 19, 2020

AWOL WI GOP leader was mask-free at West Bend street market

Call it a Friend of the Virus Walking the Walk:

WI GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has yet to offer any plan to battle COVID-19 in hotspot Wisconsin, but the most recent posting on his congressional candidacy's Twitter account shows him chatting up a citizen in the Washington County seat of West Bend and neither of them are wearing masks.

Note that last week, Washington County was reporting 61 new COVID-19 cases per day, and official County Health Department data published last week for Washington County alone showed totals of 40 deaths and 3762 positive cases, plus the case trajectory was rated "increasing," and the case burden and status both rated "very high.

A state health department data collection and reporting system upgrade prevented the release of more timely local and statewide data over the weekend and until Tuesday, fyi

Meanwhile, from the Fitzgerald campaign Twitter feed, this photo which shows little social distancing being practiced (and perhaps one mask in the background, left margin), but why should people take these precautions if this leading public official will not?


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