Monday, October 19, 2020

Another national takedown of Walker's Wisconn Valley debacle

Let's thank ex-WI Gov. Scott Walker for dreaming up and running with the ridiculous but paradoxically-prescient "Wisconn Valley" label (emphasis added) he attached to the record-shattering Foxconn debacle he directed as a failed re-election Hail Mary to a plowed-under prime Racine County farmland site -   


- and I'm further grateful Monday for this detailed and strongly-reported fresh summation of the debacle from The Verge - 

Interviews with 19 employees and dozens of others involved with the project, as well as thousands of pages of public documents, reveal a project that has defaulted on almost every promise. The building Foxconn calls an LCD factory — about 1/20th the size of the original plan — is little more than an empty shell. In September, Foxconn received a permit to change its intended use from manufacturing to storage.

- I am adding to the hundreds of postings in my 40-month-long archive "A Foxconn Fever Primer."


Anonymous said...

Well done James. Thanks for your documentation of this scam.

Anonymous said...

Excellent writing in The Verge. It was such a laugh to see the FoxConned Mania over the last couple of years in which people with any sort of house for sale within 3 miles of the place suddenly tripled the asking price. May they all rot together. This is likely to be like the High Speed Trains debacle. The state will get sued and the taxpayers will likely be put on the hook to pay these people billions to make up for the tens of millions they actually spent. I said long ago what this was going to be but most people are too young to get the references. This is the Bong Air Base and/or 4 lanes of US Highway 12 from Chicago to Madison of our time. Hey all you folks on the Mt. Pleasant Board you say you don't see either of those projects? Me neither. Same sort of fools pushed those.