Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Record-breaking data mute RoJo's whistle past COVID's graveyard

I've updated this Oct. 12 posting because on Oct. 13 WI reported a COVID death toll of 34 and record-breaking positive case tallies, too: Oct. 13.

Wisconsin sets records again for COVID-19 deaths, cases


October 12, 2020: Though COVID-19 has killed more than 215,000 Americans and almost 1,500 of his constituents, the latest empathy-free verbal hairball Ron Johnson just coughed up is only the latest act in his reliably callous routine:

Ron Johnson: COVID-19 'is not a death sentence'

Johnson, a Republican, said that while there have been "so many tragedies" for those who test positive, "at the same time, COVID is not a death sentence." Johnson said he was last tested for the virus on Oct. 5 and again tested positive, but "I have never had a symptom, ever."

So in RoJo World, people shouldn't fear dying from COVID-19 because he caught the virus and it hasn't given him even a sniffle. 

Which makes him even tougher than Dear Leader Donald Trump. 

What a role model. 

What a man!

Out-of-state readers may be shocked at his words, or that he is Wisconsin's senior senator, and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security committee where he's busied himself with pro-Trump partisan sideshows while a pandemic ravages the homeland.

But Wisconsinites will not be surprised because this is the same science-dismissing 'leader' cut from Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy's ragged cloth, and who voted against COVID-19 relief funding, and who said people have no right to health insurance and who also opined on the record that 11 million COVID-19 deaths in America might be the price we should pay for easier access to haircuts and tap beers.

With his latest pronouncement, we can award Johnson The Worst Wisconsin Senator Since Joe McCarthy, Or Ever trophy and its companion Face of The Stupid Party plaque, and retire them both.

Hey, he tested positive and didn't come down with any symptoms, so the rest of you who may be worried you're next, or who know anyone whom COVID-19 killed: fuggedaboutit.

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