Thursday, October 22, 2020

WI's fresh COVID tally blows past NY & CA's, blows up RoJo claim

You only have to compare medium-sized Wisconsin's COVID-10 caseload catastrophe with the smaller numbers in the far-more populated states of New York and California to appreciate the Trump-serving dangerous deceit in Ron Johnson's 

"we've flattened the curve" misrepresentation of the pandemic's status quo:

From the most-recent daily New York Times' compilation of official state COVID-19 statistics:


3,060 new cases, and drop in deaths of 5% in the previous 14 days.

New York

2,029 new cases, and a drop in deaths of 4% in the previous 14 days.


4,327 new cases and an increase in deaths of 78% in the 14 previous days.

You can argue that these are cherry-picked or apples-to-oranges' comparisons, but with only 5.9 million people when compared to California's almost 40 million and New York's 19+million populations, there's no denying that Wisconsin is represented brutally badly in pandemic times by GOP bad apples Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos.

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Anonymous said...

Why, if anyone else blatantly told such an idiotic lie about something work related they would be immediately fired, yet this dumbass can say whatever he wants with no consequences. I'd bet my bottom dollar that this dirt bag never had Covid. Who knows? The idiot is such a liar. Also, what about the idiots dirty money. He gets ownership of a company. Pushes legislation to cut his taxes if he sells. Then he gets inside information and sells. He sells the company he reported as worth 4-5 million for 25 mill. He is as sleezy as he is stupid.