Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wisconsin COVID-19 case tally balloons again

While the GOP-led, do-nothing Wisconsin Legislature continues on its six-month vacation, the state has registered another 3,218 COVID-19 cases, along with 17 more deaths, according to New York Times data. 

At least 17 new coronavirus deaths and 3,218 new cases were reported in Wisconsin on Oct. 9. Over the past week, there have been an average of 2,548 cases per day, an increase of 26 percent from the average two weeks earlier. 

As of Saturday morning, there have been at least 152,831 cases and 1,453 deaths in Wisconsin since the beginning of the pandemic, according to a New York Times database.

Multiply those numbers by ten - so 153,000 cases becomes 1,530,000 in a state of 5,850,000 - and that still wouldn't convince WI GOP State Sen. Van Wanggaard of Racine to support Gov. Evers masking order. 

And here's a stunning fact: the City of Oshkosh has the highest rate of concentration of new COVID-19 cases in the country, according to this Journal Sentinel report:

I shouldn't be here': Oshkosh bar owner in ICU with COVID-19 blames Trump for out-of-control pandemic.  

[Mark] Schultz, 64, is the co-owner of Oblio's, a bar in Oshkosh that is beloved by a city that now has the highest rate of COVID-19 infection in the country, according to a New York Times analysis. 






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