Sunday, October 11, 2020

WI COVID cases up scores of thousands since GOP-Legislature last met

And as you absorb the numbers, remember this October 8 item: 

Leading WI Republican says 10x more COVID not worth mask order


Back to the COVID calendar:

Monday, October 12th will mark 180 days since April 15th - the last day the Wisconsin GOP-run Legislature passed a bill

On April 15th, data show that Wisconsin had reported 166 new cases of COVID-19; the same chart shows that the new case level had slowly crept up by another 290 on May 13 when GOP legislators won a ruling by the Republican-subservient State Supreme Court which killed Gov. Evers' extension of his COVID-19 'Safer-at-Home' preventive measure.

So where are we now?

1) The Legislature is still willfully inert - except that GOP legislators did hire private attorneys at taxpayer expense to fight Gov. Evers' masking order before the Supreme Court.

2) On Sunday - the 179th day of the GOP-led Legislature's flight from its public health duties - while also drawing their full benefits and salaries - the COVID-19 case total had exploded to 155,752, and 1,470 deaths. 

And daily case increases of more than 2,000 are commonplace.

* So our story of statewide suffering and slaughter is told in headlines like this one from October 1:

Wisconsin becoming national COVID-19 hotspot as cases rise

And this one from October 6: 

Latest WI COVID weekly deaths, 98. Greece 34. Finland, 2. Taiwan, O. Etc.

And this one from October 7

Tony Evers to open field hospital at State Fair Park to provide relief for overwhelmed hospitals in Fox Valley, northern countie 

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