Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Is coronavirus confusion muddling Trump's many metaphors?

Trump got fancy drugs to beat down his COVID infection, but his inability to stick with one simple talking point to falsely claim victory over the virus suggests a) he knows he's lying, b) COVID is still corrupting his clarity and muddling his metaphors, and c) all the above.

Because so far he's claimed in the face of a worsening pandemic, a contaminated White House and in a mere eight months a death toll almost 80 times the 9/11 tally that the country is:

turning the corner, or rounding the final turn, or rounding the corner, or rounding the turn and rounding the corner, and even rounding the curve, the corner and the bend (all on Sept. 4) at the same time.

An alternative explanation: Trump's iPad is playing this on a loop:

"She'll be coming around a mountain when she comes."

Yipes. I'm downright disoriented, because these dizzy directions have un-squared circle and Devil's Triangle written all over them.

Consider that some of his words are inadvertently accurate because they take us right back where we started from, and others are on point because if you round a corner, and drift like the country has been doing under his 'leadership,' you'll get hit head-on. 

I think this is why Biden says Trump has gone around the bend.

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