Thursday, October 22, 2020

RoJo echos Trump's false 'COVID is weakening' narrative

Trump's 'rounding-the-corner' b.s. about the COVID-19 pandemic weakening now has its own Wisconsin dishonest variation from


Wisconsin on Wednesday reported a record 48 deaths from the coronavirus and admitted its first patient at a field hospital as U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson falsely claimed the state had flattened its curve of COVID-19 deaths....

He made the comments just hours before the state released figures showing the last seven days were the deadliest of the pandemic, with 173 deaths due to the virus between Oct. 14 and Wednesday.

Seriously, are we surprised? RoJo was on the record earlier about mass deaths from the pandemic being the OK price for living in a wide-open economyand has been a Lindsey Graham-Plus ally of Trump's on a host of matters - impeachment, Biden bashing, and fiscal and budget policies.

Don't forget that Johnson and Trump have been scratching each other's back for years; remember that Johnson supplied Trump with a pivotal vote on a tax bill vote after Trump agreed that the bill would include the provision near-and-dear-to Johnson's heart and business for which Johnson had been been holding out:

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson flips to "yes" vote on GOP tax bill, clearing major hurdle 

And that vote is now raising fresh questions, so stay tuned.

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