Sunday, October 4, 2020

WI daily COVID tally hit 3,022. Italy last saw that # in April.

Comparative COVID-19 data I recently posted showed Wisconsin faring poorly right now when matched up against the much more populous State of New York and the entire nation of Canada.

Consider another contrasting state-to-nation data trend that frames the pandemic's spike here. 

Now go back to the spring, when Italy - 

Flag of Italy.svg
- was the virus's global hotspot before Italy's strict and effective lockdown.

The new case data for Italy shows it has not reported a total equalling Wisconsin's October 3rd record of 3,022 since April 24.

While Italy dramatically flattened its virus daily data curve that is beginning to rise again, and may surpass Wisconsin's, Italy's recent daily case totals trail Wisconsin's while having more than ten times Wisconsin's population - 60.43 million to our 5.85 million.

Yet the Wisconsin Republican Party which controls the Legislature and has fought Gov. Eves' masking and 'Safer-at-Home' pandemic-mitigating orders is again in court working against him.
Republican legislative leaders went to court Friday to show support for a lawsuit against Gov. Tony Evers' statewide mask mandate after more than 17,000 people in Wisconsin tested positive in the last week and some hospitals are on the brink of being overwhelmed. 
You cannot say loudly enough that Republican 'leadership' in Washington, DC and in Wisconsin during the pandemic has been a colossal and deadly failure. 


Anonymous said...

All of your blogging is appreciated, but where is the #1 Democrat in Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers? Evers should be out in front of this crisis EVERYDAY, issuing orders to mitigate the spread to FORCE the Rethuglicans to go into session to over-ride his orders.

Evers has been a huge disappointment as Governor. Someone needs to tell this idiot that he needs to keep fighting for all of us, harder than ever. I'm sick of getting Democrat fundraising emails from State Senator Chris Larson when not one of the Democratic leadership in Wisconsin, starting with Governor Evers, is out there forcing the Republicans to put their party on the record opposing common sense efforts to contain the virus.

For instance, Shawano County is #1 in Wisconsin for Covid19 spread and cases. (Nearly 1000 cases per 100,000 residents)(#5 in AMERICA !!). Surrounding counties in NE Wisconsin make up the remainder of the "top 20" worst counties for Covid19 spread in America. Evers should immediately issue a Safer at Home order for NE Wisconsin counties, closing all schools to in-person instruction, closing restaurants to sit down dining AND incentivizing the idiot Neaderthal Rethuglicans that are driving the spread in these counties to practice better behavior by giving a target spread level, say 300 cases per 100,000 residents as the threshold that must be met in order to have the Safer at Home order lifted.

With a month left before the election, FORCE Wisconsin Rethuglican leadership to run to the State Supreme Court and/or come back into session to over-ride Governor Evers' Stay at Home order targeted to the Rethuglican Homeland of NE Wisconsin.

Someone needs to give Governor Evers a swift kick in the A$$ to get that coffee filter off his puss, drink a couple of caffeinated drinks, and use his bully pulpit to make the Rethuglicans defend an indefensible position. When Governor Evers "gets back in the game", then maybe I'll do something other than hit the delete button on State Senator Chris Larson's daily emails begging for money.

Anonymous said...

You can the veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins to the list of folks who say the current crop of Rethuglicans is the "stupid party."

James Rowen said...

To Anon. 1:06 a.m. I'd already done that, here. Thanks for being a reader at the blog.