Saturday, October 3, 2020

People awaiting COVID test result should not go out; RoJo, now COVID + partied Friday anyway

If you were within coughing or hand-shaking distance of the COVID-19-contemptuous Ron Johnson 

at the GOP's Oktoberfest fundraiser in Mequon Friday you'd better isolate yourself until the results come back from the virus test you better be scheduling right now.

That's because Johnson attended the event while awaiting his test results, and, yeah, you know the rest of the story:

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson announced Saturday he tested positive for COVID-19, a result that came after he attended a GOP fundraising event in Ozaukee County on Friday while awaiting the results — something federal guidelines advise against.

Johnson, R-Oshkosh, told reporters Saturday he didn’t quarantine while awaiting results because he had no symptoms and the test was precautionary. He also said he still does not think the state should require the public to wear face masks, which Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has ordered but Republicans are seeking to overturn in court. 

Did you know Johnson is a Minnesota native? Here's the advice that official Minnesota offers its people if they are awaiting their COVID-19 test results:

After you get tested

 Stay home and away from others, especially if you have symptoms. Even if you do not have symptoms, it is best to stay home, but if you have to leave, wear a mask and stay 6 feet from others.

Not seeing where it says 'head on over to Oktoberfest and pretend everything's okey-dokey.'

Blowing off basic, commonsense and proven distancing, masking and other pandemic-controlling practices and guidelines recommended wirkdwide is what has the President in the hospital, official DC in a panic and virus caseloads spiking from the Dakotas to Green Bay and all points beyond.

And Johnson still thinks mask-wearing is a personal matter while the easily transmittable virus has killed more than 208,000 Americans and sickened 7,000,000. 

Then I remembered when Johnson the accountant-turned-politician crunched the numbers and said a US COVID-19 death toll of 11 million might be the price we had to pay for open access to burgers and hair cuts, so I temper my disbelief in the face of his covidiocy.



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Anonymous said...

This virus will never end as long as we have people like Ron Johnson and Donald Trump not believing in masking. How many more thousands will have to die before they get smart.