Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Chutzpah is taking public pay for a job evaded while seeking a bigger one

As I recently noted, the re-election TV spot which safely-gerrymandered GOP State Sen. Alberta Darling is running about 'fighting for you' in Madison while coasting towards 200 days of fully-paid vacation is what Mark Twain might have had in mind when he came up with phrase "damnable lies." 

But hand that trophy for Shameless Self-Parody over to Wisconsin State Senate GOP boss Scott Fitzgerald -

Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg

- who, despite also being off the job during the same killer pandemic Darling is ignoring, is pitching himself in a radio spot as worthy of a bigger job in Congress because he 'knows how to get the job done."

You could only do this in a tightly-gerrymandered state like Wisconsin, where GOP legislators met behind closed doors in off-site offices to help draft maps which allowed them to pick their own voters - after first signing pledges not to discuss what they were doing

They did this with taxpayers' money and used more of it to pay private attorneys to [unsuccessfully] keep it all secret.

Republican lawmakers had fought to keep the documents confidential, but they relented after a three-judge panel found their arguments frivolous.

Speaking of knowing things, we know, but apparently Fitzgerald does not know or care, that knowing and doing are two different things, and in a pandemic that has produced than 212,000 victims, 1,825 deaths and a wrecked economy in Wisconsin, that the difference makes more than a half-year of destructive dereliction of duty while on the public payroll even more disgraceful.

Though Fitzgerald and Darling have set a high bar for ironic idiocy - and don't count out soon-to-be senior GOP Congressional representative Glenn Grothman - there's still time for GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to walk off with first place before Nov. 3rd if he can get that 'Vote for me because I dress for success' TV commercial on the air.

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Ed Hienzelman said...

destructive dereliction of duty? more like involuntary manslaughter.