Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Robin Vos surfaces! - to defend Foxconn! - with wimpy jab at Evers!

WI GOP Assembly Speaker, and man always looking for work to skip or political power to steal - 

Robin Vos reacted with a weak and poorly-conceived slap at Gov. Evers over the state's denial to Foxconn of millions of dollars in public subsidies which Vos and the rest of The Failed Walkerite Re-election Caucus had created for the Taiwan-based multinational flat screen panel and potential coffee vending machine maker: 

Vos worries backing out of Foxconn deal is 'effort to hurt the president'

Three things about the Vos allegation.

*1. The state isn't backing out of anything. It's only trying to hold Foxconn to the contract it signed after the state made good on the multiple road-building, sweetheart wetland filling, warp-speed and and water permit-granting and other perks which the company has enjoyed for three years.

A Foxconn Fever Primer

Suppose you wrote the biggest check of your life as a downpayment on a fancy Italian sports car.

Delivery is delayed. You wait some more. The company switches models on you. More delays. Years begin to go by.

Then a tow truck drops on your driveway a minivan just fished out of a flooded river. So, of course, you withhold rest of the payment until you get the car you were promised. That's not breaking a deal. You're just trying to hold the company to its word.

*2 No one could hurt or even need try at this point and 'hurt the president.' He's been busy doing that just fine on his own since 2016. For more information, Google any of these or related phrases:

'Trump and slow the testing down, please,' or 'Trump and fine people on both sides,' or 'Trump $750 in taxes,' or 'Trump and women allege sexual assault,' or 'Trump and phone call to Ukraine,' 'Trump and caged children,' or 'Trump $130,000.' 

* 3) It's more consequential that Vos decided to come up for air after being on a six-month vacation from doing his job - except for an occasional minute or two - but shows no inclination to begin even at this late date to work on a plan to stem the COVID-19 virus that has killed more than 1,500 of his fellow citizens and sickened more than 170,000 during the worst viral pandemic to strike the county in more than 100 years. 

But we know that Republicans are going to wait until after the Nov. 3rd on COVID-19 issues to perhaps lift a finger other than the middle one they've extended to voters since their amoral and self-serving gerrymander of 2012.


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