Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Like Mt. Pleasant, UW-Madison faces unfulfilled Foxconn promises

Of course Wisconsin's concern about Foxconn's unfulfilled promises has long been focused on Mt. Pleasant in Racine County's 'Wisconn Valley[sic]. 

From NBC Nightly News, 7/21/19

That where on torn-up prime ag lands no one is building the high-tech/flat-panel devices which Trump and Team Walker said would wondrously move on a new, taxpayer-paid automated highway lane for export worldwide through a new duty-free Milwaukee shipping center.

But let's not forget that Foxconn more than two years ago pledged $100 million to the UW-Madison for research and development, as I noted in August, 2018.

But like the regional hubs Foxconn promised in Green Bay and elsewhere across the state which happened to track some Scott Walker last-ditch 2018 re-election politicking, the actual investment Foxconn has made in UW-Madison is close to nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Blank and that miserable bald guy Tommy Thompson replaced, and whose name I have already forgotten, were used to promote FoxConn. Public universities should be paid for with public tax dollars so the administrators don't have to bow and scrape to billionaires.