Saturday, October 31, 2020

COVID transparency greater at UW than in WI GOP Capitol offices

There are unacceptable and potentially life-threatening differences in official accountability for COVID transmission depending on which end of State Street is controlling the message.

I understand why there is so much attention paid to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UW football program.

“I just got a report this morning, today we are at 10 staff, 12 players, a total of 22,” UW athletic director Barry Alvarez said Saturday on ESPN’s “College GameDay.” 

I do not understand why so little attention was paid statewide to the COVID-19 outbreak in the GOP-led State Legislature just a mile from the campus up State Street - and to the Republican's lack of transparency and accountability  - which mirrors the party's obstruction of COVID-control measures and a failure to convene for more than six months.

Wisconsin Republicans have been facing an outbreak among lawmakers and aides. But they don't want to talk about it.

Denial of science on top of policy failure on top of special interest massaging on top of extended vacations during a pandemic 

is bad enough, but a coverup in the State Capitol is simply unacceptable.

While the push against all odds to restart UW-Madison football has been difficult to observe, at give props to UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez at least for candor.

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