Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Two good reads about wolves, and related big things

Everyday people along with those who have made it their lives' work see a relationship between COVID-19 and the need for greater respect for wildlife with which we share the planet:

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world at lightning speed, killing hundreds of thousands of people and infecting millions. A growing body of research, including research by Conservation International scientists, points to a direct link between the destruction of nature and disease outbreaks — spotlighting the role of protecting and restoring nature in preventing future pandemics.

I that vein, I'm passing along two fresh, wide-ranging reads with the same enthusiasm that accompanied there recommendations:

I am the wolf and so are you

Wolf biologist predicts support for wolves will continue to grow

Wisconsin is killing its wolves
Wolves have recovered in Wisconsin. Will the Trump administration green- light their renewed killing here? 

I noted last year that Trump was moving against wolf protections - 

Remember, wolf 'delistment' or 'harvesting' 
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
means wolf killing, principally with head shots delivered to wolves already-snared in leg traps.

So note that the deadline had been May 15, but the Wisconsin DNR has posted a new federal comment closing date of July 15, because the feds have extended the deadline.

- as he has stomped broadly on endangered species, climate science, and the environment - here's a list of his 99 environmental rollbacks so far - so don't be surprised if he approves nation-wide wolf killing in the closing days of his term and further buries the long-ago trashed GOP 'principle' of local control by obstructing any science-based, state-by-state approach.

And because I've followed these issues for years, I thought I'd also repost one related, myth-busting item that continues to be downloaded here since 2013: 

Q. Do Wolves Take As Many Deer As Some WI Hunters Believe?

[Updated] A. No.

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