Monday, October 5, 2020

COVID-19's spread & GOP enabling remain on repeat

The truth about the pandemic and the GOP's cavalier enabling - 

WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in protective equipment while claiming it was "incredibly safe" to go out into the pandemic and cast an in-person April election ballot.

- go round and round:


* Today, Oct. 5, 2020: 

Two More White House Press Aides Test Positive: Trump Update

Two More Trump Staff Members Test Positive for Coronavirus After Tulsa Rally


* Oct. 3, 2020:

Wisconsin COVID-19: 2,892 new cases reported Saturday, another single-day high

May 27, 2020:

Two weeks after court scraps Safer at Home, Wisconsin sets record for new coronavirus cases and deaths 


Today, Oct. 5, 2020:

COVID-19 hospitalizations at record levels in Wisconsin, Dane County

* May 20, 2020: 

State Sees Biggest Hike In New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions In 30 Days


GOP leaders go to court in support of effort to strike down Tony Evers' mask mandate

* May 13, 2020

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Wisconsin's stay-at-home order that closed businesses to limit spread of coronavirus


* Today, Oct. 5, 2020: 

A face mask might have protected Trump, his staff, and the people around them from the coronavirus.

* August 3rd, 2020: Scott Fitzgerald, on masks: 

Fitzgerald, who is running for Congress and faces a Republican challenger in the Aug. 11 primary, said whether to wear a mask should be an individual’s decision... “I think things are going well right now, people are complying if they want to.”

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Katrina said...

The WI GOP has stolen 7 months from us so far. They will steal at least an entire school year from our kids. They took our jobs, our homes, our savings, our health insurance and for some, they took their lives or the lives of their families. The WI GOP, through their incompetence, callousness, or ideology have taken memories of family and friends away from us because they refused to meet and determine a course of action against the virus.