Monday, October 12, 2020

One WI image Monday explains Trump Team's ease with COVID transmission

Here's a one-picture-is-worth-the-thousand words needed to illustrate the Republican Party's failed response to the Covid-19 pandemic from the White House to COVID-wracked-swing state Wisconsin.

I see little mask-wearing and zero social distancing during a Trump campaign rally in a bowling alley Monday in Menominee Falls, an upscale suburb in deep-red Waukesha County.
Meanwhile, Wisconsin with spiking cases remains a COVID-19 hotspot, and 22 minutes south by car from the bowling alley, the State of Wisconsin is activating an emergency hospital built into a State Fairground exhibit hall because COVID outbreaks have overwhelmed hospitals in Northern Wisconsin. 

Flouting best pandemic-prevention procedures only spreads the disease. 

I know people know better after seven months and more than 215,000 deaths nationally, and especially in hard-hit Wisconsin where nearly 1,500 have died and ICUs are filing up again - but poisonous partisanship is repeatedly and cavalierly displayed by selfish red hat devotees to prove that we are not all in this together.


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Anonymous said...

I think we need to look at the idiot Johnson as what he really is, the Typhoid Mary of Covid. First off we need to understand that his main goal is to serve Donald so he can step into his administration or corporation, depending on the election. What a success story. The village idiot marries into money and is declared a business man. He uses that designation to become a senator, then he uses that position to move into either a presidential administration or for what he thinks, is a billionaires company. As a puppet senator he has been perfect, really stupid, no moral compass, easy to push around, and a lover of money.
Another bet I'd be willing to make: He either never tested positive or he was sick and lies about the symptoms. This is the problem with a chronic liar and fool. Nothing they say can be taken as truthful. Really what better way to show how this is not bad? You claim you have Covid, you can make it look like you never passed it on even though he would have definitely spread it, and you never have a sniffle. Just to try to prove that 34 dead in a day is fake news.