Sunday, May 19, 2019

Feds extend comment period on new wolf killing plan

Remember, wolf 'delistment' or 'harvesting' 
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
means wolf killing, principally with head shots delivered to wolves already-snared in leg traps.

So note that the deadline had been May 15, but the Wisconsin DNR has posted a new federal comment closing date of July 15, because the feds have extended the deadline.
The gray wolf is currently on the federal endangered species list. This listing status limits the state of Wisconsin's management authority including the authority to hold a wolf harvest season.
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) has submitted a proposal to delist wolves from the endangered species list, and is accepting public comments through July 15, 2019. The proposal, as well as options to submit comments to the FWS, can be found on the office of the federal register website. [exit DNR]
More information about the federal wolf delistment process is available at the Fish & Wildlife Service's gray wolf webpage. [exit DNR] 
Please go to the site and weigh in; states like Wisconsin brutally abused the last wolf killing permissions - - even allowing already-generous quotas to be exceeded - - and we don't need that repeated:
Perhaps the DNR's allowing the killing to exceed its own so-called 'quotas' played a role in the federal court's finally saying, 'enough.'
Wisconsin is killing its wolves 
There remain lingering, bloody legacies in the form of only-in-Wisconsin $2,500 per-hound payments from the DNR to bear hunters who let their dogs run off-leash into fatal encounters with the larger, very territorial wolves.
Repeat payment collectors can continue to make new claims, as can documented scofflaws.
And there is continuing pressure to reinstate the wolf hunt, even without limits, so boosting the madness into poaching status.
Other cruel 'training' practices remain legal in WI, too.
As to Walker:
He's on the record wanting what he called a successful 'harvest' brought back, hiding the brutal realities of leg traps and head shots behind sanitized language.
But let's also remember that Walker was so eager to please this particular part of the hunting bloc that he suggested lowering the already-meager wolf killing permit from $100 to a mere $50 before the shameful business was again outlawed.
Here is the feds propagandized news release about the comment deadline extension - - and note its claim that states had done a good job with the previous hunt which was suspended precisely because the states had done such a bad job carrying it out:
States continue to demonstrate their ability to effectively manage wolf populations that guarantee the long-term sustainability of the species. The regulatory mechanisms put in place by these partners will last beyond federal delisting of the wolf and will ensure the long-term survival of the species.
In Wisconsin, the DNR under willing special-interest tool and anti-science agency Secretary Cathy Stepp even removed wolf hunt opponents from its wolf advisory committee so a reconstituted, stacked committee could endorse what the Legislature and Walker preferred: a big, minimally-regulated 'harvest.'  

Here is a recent news article on the issues: 
Feds will try again to delist wolves

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