Monday, August 31, 2020

When GOP legislators instantly shelve Evers' policing reforms today...

The only question facing the partisan Do-Nothing Duo of Fitzgerald and Vos is:

When they officially disregard Gov. Evers' package of police accountability measures can they beat their earlier mark of less than the single minute which the chambers they 'lead' devoted when shelving Evers' package of gun safety measures?

Context for the Republicans' predictably partisan dismissiveness - it goes hand-in-hand with predictably partisan power-grabbing - 
Keep a timer handy and don't step over to the coffee pot, because GOP power-grabbers  have a record measured in seconds of opening and shutting down special sessions without debate or action on life-and-death matters called by Gov. Evers. 
- was posted earlier, here:
Better summary: WI GOP flips off Milwaukee Bucks players, others
In the wake of the near-fatal fusillade of gunshots fired point blank into Jacob Blake's back by a Kenosha police officer, WI Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has asked the GOP-controlled State Legislature to convene in special session to take up a package of police reform measures. 
Don't look to Republicans to do anything with this offering unless that means kicking him really hard underneath the table.
The instant adjournment will also accomplish two GOP legislative priorities:

1. Remaining on their months-long-taxpayers'-paid vacation - of particular interest to Fitzgerald as he goes through the motions campaigning for Congress in a district he helped make safe for Republicans through gerrymandering;

2. Allowing Fitzgerald, Vos and other Republican 'leaders' to join Trump when he photo-ops Tuesday in still-grieving Kenosha tomorrow and dutifully report that once again, WI Republicans did their bit in our swing state to sow fear and division.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how the State Republicans will feel if the Bucks get tired of bashing their heads against the wall and pick up and move elsewhere...

Wait! I know the answer to with everything, they'll somehow blame Evers and the Dems. Got it.