Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Foxconn's 4 air emission permits go through DNR speed-dating

Hey, good news, Racine County asthmatics, seniors, and kids:

The DNR waited a whole eight days after the comment period closed to approve all four, very detailed air emission permits for Foxconn:

Foxconn is applying for at least four permits to emit large tonnages of air pollutants annually. Those emission have been compared to the operation of a large paper mill, and the state is busy trying to weaken air quality standards and monitoring in the area.
Here's how the Journal Sentinel puts it:
The state Department of Natural Resources granted air permits Tuesday for Foxconn Technology Group's planned massive manufacturing facility, setting the stage for a major new source of smog in southeastern Wisconsin. 
This is the same agency reviewing the bid to supply Foxconn with a large daily diversion of Lake Michigan water - - coincidentally close enough to catch some portion of the daily emission tonnages not adding to new levels of smog.

Remember, what goes up comes down, and Lake Michigan is right there.
...an independent analysis of the permits was headlined "Foxconn could increase Racine County's emissions by six percentand said, in part:
The four facilities, to be built in phases over the next several years, could combine to emit 229 tons per year of nitrogen oxides, 240 tons of carbon monoxide, 52 tons of particulate matter, 4 tons of sulfur dioxide and 275 tons of volatile organic compounds.
There’s only one facility in the state – the Verso Corp. Wisconsin Rapids paper mill – that emits at or above the levels Foxconn is proposing across all five pollutants. 
I'll add this item to the Foxconn archive I have maintained since July. 
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Anonymous said...

None of this should surprise anyone. Walker views FoxConn as his legacy. He is going to do whatever he can and hope that some jobs come out of it in time for a POTUS run.