Saturday, May 19, 2018

WI GOP officials liking the friendly skies

Some Wisconsin GOP Republicans just might give that Trivago guy a run for his money.

Take Attorney General Brad Schimel.

He's defending the $4,000 freebie he took to meet with a bunch of conservatives in Dana Point, California who think it's OK to discriminate against LGBT citizens.

OK, I know that looks bad, as does his order to keep the trip off his public agenda, but don't hard-working, cold-weather-bound Wisconsin GOP public official doesn't deserve a few days places like Dana Point without the whole world wondering what he was doing there? 
Dana Point Harbor provides slips and mooring for over 2,500 boats along with over 50 specialty shops and restaurants. The Harbor attracts thousands of visitors annually for shopping, sport fishing, walking, bicycling, parasailing and a host of recreational activities. The Dana Point Harbor is also considered the gateway to Doheny State Park, one of California’s most popular beach facilities. In addition to Doheny State Park, Dana Point boasts several other world class beaches perfect for a day of surfing, swimming, or building sandcastles.
Same with GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' freebie to London. Can't you be a cheesehead and an Anglophile brushing up on your Churchill at the same time?
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
As for Walker: he paid off his travel debt to the state for frequent flying and other costs racked during his 15-minute presidential bid.

Though there was that 2016 winter speech in Hawaii, and trade missions in 2017 to Europe and Asia were so 201.

But these days Walker focuses on taxpayer-paid campaign-year 'official' trips on state-owned vehicles and planes to tout Foxconn, or tax rebate checks and other matters which are coincidentally arising during a campaign year. 

Though state officials had to make sure there was a plane available to take Vos and other legislative officials to a news conference in Ohio where one of his London traveling buddies had something to say.

Why should Walker always have first dibs on that plane, and Scott Fitzgerald, are you watching all this?

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