Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Political insiders slow to grasp Walker's candidacy

David Axelrod, wake up. 
"(Walker) has some prospects," Axelrod said Tuesday at a Marquette University Law School forum.
"Some prospects?"

Beltway insiders can't see past their geographic isolation and the Jeb-Hillary template they must be busy talking to each other about when they're prepping for the Sunday interview shows and Walker's out here in fly-over territory.

Is there another declared or potential candidate working as hard as is the one-dimensional, all-in Walker, who's traveling as extensively, and has as comparably a long string of wins?

And who's the Super-rich Koch brothers' favorite?

No wonder Walker has so much Teflon: people who should know better are applying it to Walker, a true extremist, by the barrel.

More about Walker, in detail, here.


Anonymous said...

David Axelrod and others like him are a big part of the problem.

Once Axelrod successfully helped get Obama elected in 2008, he was done. Imagine if he had leveraged his considerable skills to help the Democratic Party nationally in the 2010 elections and beyond! But apparently it wasn't the good of the party or the citizens of the United States that drove him - it was his narrow focus on accomplishing his singular goal. And the disappointment only worsened when we learned that he was engaged as a consultant to British politicians!

In the end, consultants are just hired hands and aren't really committed to the greater good, are they?

Anonymous said...

Your point is what? Like him or not, Axelrod is superbly skilled. Would I love to see Axelrod expose the facade of Walker? Yes. However, Axelrod is at the end of his career. We need to develop new Axelrods - who will understand his techniques and execute strategy without hesitation.
It's funny how everyone keeps missing the fact that collectively, the middle and lower class has more votes than the top 1%, who fund the candidates to disenfranchise the 99%. Make no mistake - where they have a lead in money, we have a lead in total registered voters. And, at the end of the day it is total votes that decide who wins and who loses.
Forget the ideology. In these times, survival matters. Keep the questions you ask yourself simple - have Walker's policies put more or less money into MY pocket? My schools? My community? Am I getting return on MY tax dollars? Answer these questions honestly and you'll understand the urgent need for change.
Time to cut the gravy train for career politicians like Walker, Darling and the rest. We need new ideas from the MAJORITY, not politically purchased legislation from the minority.