Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DNR raising substantial questions about Kohler lakefront golf course

[Updated] Here's a link to the agency's extensive, six-page list of questions and concerns about whether the Kohler Co. should be allowed build a golf course above the Lake Michigan beach line on private land adjacent to Kohler Andrae State Park south of Sheboygan.

The depth of the questions reminds me of the DNR's initial ten pages of 49 questions to the Waukesha Water Utility when its draft application for a Lake Michigan diversion was submitted, and that review is now more than five years old.

So my thought is that when the DNR has to put out a review that will be flyspecked by outside agencies - - in the Waukesha case, seven other states, two Canadian provinces and their trial First Nations jurisdictions - - and in the case of the golf course, the US Army Corps of Engineers, perhaps others down the road - - great care must be taken lest the others decide the DNR is not a serious player and the ramifications expand.

Multiple posts on this blog about the issue. An example.

Update: Journal Sentinel story.


Anonymous said...

The citizens opposing this must keep up the pressure. They must demand to meet with DNR staff to discuss every aspect of the plan and alternatives. They should monitor the site and be vigilant about opposing any construction that starts up. Don't let your guard down and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

What's your opposition to this golf course.

old baldy said...


Did you ever check out the fiasco that was the permitting process for original golf course?? DNR staff were pressured by the Thompson administration to grant permits for activities they shouldn't have allowed. Then Kohler didn't comply with permit conditions.

Or the single purpose exit ramp off I43 that cost the tax payers several million $$ just to serve golf tournaments>

James Rowen said...

I did write a few things a while ago about the single-purpose I-43 exit ramp. Sample: http://thepoliticalenvironment.blogspot.com/2008/02/special-interests-want-another-boutique.html