Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Walker's eye on Iowa costs Wisconsin a fresh $220 million

Iowa leads, Walker rules, everyone can, as Chris Christie said, 'sit down and shut up.'

Having been told that conservative king-making Iowa presidential caucus voters don't like gambling - - or the politicians parachuting in every four years who do - -  Walker today added to his previous rejection of the Menominee Nation's proposed Kenosha casino a dismissal of the Menominee's fresh offer of another $220 million that would essentially guarantee the construction of an NBA arena and development district with far less- -  if any - -  taxpayer contribution - - in downtown Milwaukee to make the casino deal work.

Walker's latest refusal puts the cost of his obeisance to Iowa Tea Party voters over potential investment and guarantees by the Menominee Nation in Kenosha and now in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at well over $1 billion.

Pretty high-priced stubbornness by our Iowa-focused, world-traveling, photo-op operative 'Governor.'


Anonymous said...

" as Chris Christie said, 'sit down and shut up.'"

VIDEO - Chris Christie Falls Off Chair on his Butt in Embarrassing Video Released by Radio Station Published on Jan 30, 2015


Max B. said...

I can't object to the denial of the Kenosha casino. We do have to limit gambling in this state. Think of the dog and horse track building binge we went on during Thompson's reign. Not one is operational today and we the taxpayers are once again stuck with one-use facilities that sit empty, tax credits (with our money, of course) given to businesses now out of business and providing neither the jobs nor tax income promised.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Walker is concerned about engaging in another pay-to-play.