Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Walker's 27-year trouble with campaign rules or law

Little surprise that Scott Walker's 2016 presidential effort is already the subject of an alleged fund-raising violation.

This is the same Scott Walker whose 2012 recall campaign triggered a prosecutorial fund-raising investigation that disclosed he'd quietly gotten $700,000 from a iron mining company that benefitted from a controversial bill Walker pushed and signed, along with further revelations he'd solicitated and received other secret donations.

The same Scott Walker whose 2010 run for Governor was assisted by publicly-paid staff aides, and a contributor, who pleaded guilty to felony or misdemeanor violations of campaign finance law or statutes prohibiting the political use of public resources.

The same Scott Walker whose first campaign - - an 1988 unsuccessful run for Marquette University student body president - - ended in punishment by campus officials for violations of student campaign rules.

Eagle Scott, by the way, and, in his own words - - listen to the audio - - completely dedicated to and centered in faith.

Go figure.


Boxer said...

Jesus said it was OK.

Anonymous said...

Boxer: So did milwaukee journal sentinel -- endorsed him three times for gov. and throughout his 27-year trouble with campaign rules.