Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Walker speech before world affairs group gets Onion treatment

The Journal Sentinel teases Walker's big London speech before an establishment organization on world affairs this way:
Walker in London declines to talk about world affairs, evolution
Appearing before this group - - Chatham House - - and not openly, and easily discussing world affairs would be like flying 3,500 miles to address the World Dairy Expo in Madison and ducking questions about farm prices, milk or cheese.

Or opening Summerfest and wondering what's with all the music.

And being unable to stand flat-out on your feel for or against evolution signaled total intimidation before his hosts:
“Any British politician, right or left, would laugh at that question and say, ‘Of course, evolution is real,’” countered Walker’s host at Chatham House.
Like I said earlier today, I don't think Walker or his handlers knew the basics about the group which gave Gov. Mumbles the platform, or knew that this prestigious group last year gave Hillary Clinton its 2013 prize for contributions to international affairs, as well as fostering opportunities for women and girls - - a worldwide goal of the United Nations and the international community.

I wonder if Walker wished his hosts "Molotov!" on the way out?


Anonymous said...

well, of course the British are gonna believe in evolution!Charles Darwin is one of their own.. And The Koch Bros haven't told Scott Walker what he should think about evolution. I'm still more impressed that he told them, "you mean your British & English? How can you be 2 things?"

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jeez, I feel such a deja vu moment. When he moved from Milwaukee County to run for Gov, those of us in Milwaukee screamed our heads off about what a small minded, vengeful, and radically-rightwing corporate stooge he is.

Now that he's moving into a national/international stage, Wisconsinites are saying the same things.

Hopefully someone listens this time....

Anonymous said...

He's not talking because he's not very worldly, nor has he evolved...

my5cents said...

He's not talking because he was raised in a Baptist church and they do not believe in evolution. They believe in creation. Plain and simple. That's what he believes.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks again, and God save the King."

CJ said...

Walker didn't want to pontificate about international affairs or undercut the president? Puleeze.

Evolution is science theory, not international affairs. Derp

For the love of god, someone please give the man a short course on British slang. Everytime he said he was going to punt, the audience snickered. Double derp.


JB said...

Scott Walker's father was an American Baptist minister, as was mine. American Baptists as a denomination have no problem with evolution, science, charity, and any number of things that might be considered liberal these days. My father preached against the Vietnam War and marched with Martin Luther King, jr for housing rights in Chicago.

So please don't blame "Baptists" for Scott Walker's evangelical beliefs.

He has not been an American Baptist at all during his adult life. He is a member now of Meadowbrook Church which is as conservative and science-denying as it gets. Though he doesn't talk about it in public much, the conservative ideology of this church is surely guiding his agenda as much as his contributors are, which, I believe, is why he has so little regard for those who are in the bottom economically as well as so little regard for the environment. I think he believes that the rest of us will be "left behind" sometime soon, so we can rape the land now.