Thursday, February 12, 2015

Other states are brain drain winners in Walker budget

UW-Madison could begin laying off staff within several weeks because it must finish processing last year's budget reductions along with Walker's proposed new 13% cut through 2017 to higher education statewide.

Call it Walker's plan to trigger a new brain drain to route uprooted teachers, scientists and managers straight to the Twin Cities, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Des Moines and other welcoming university-business hubs more honestly open for business.

He'll punt those middle-class families to other states just like he punted wind turbine business to Minnesota and Amtrak train building money and jobs to Illinois.

So let that be a lesson to you for voting democratic, Madison, what with all your professors who forgot their workforce training obligations and lazy lab assistants trying to cure cancer.

Milwaukee, Stevens Point. et al: you're up next.

Walker is winding up his taxpayer-paid Presidential training junket to London where, through punting (sterling staff work, media advisers, leaving your British slang dictionaries home) he failed to establish any foreign policy status, but before he gets away again to Iowa or New Hampshire or the next Koch brothers soiree, let's remember two things:

*  The jobs he is sacrificing on UW campuses and in their local communities highlight his spectacular failure to add the 250,000 new jobs he promised in his 2010 election campaign.

* There are only two jobs Walker has ever cared about: The job taxpayers gave him and how he can use ti get to the next one. Everything surrounding the job he has - - whether legislator, County Executive, Governor - - he has tailored to aid the jump to the next.

Staff, budgets, official websites, promotional tours, secret routers, secret fund-raising, contacts with third-party funders become tools in his toolbox - - for one career politician's advancement, not for public policy construction.

That's what happens when you give a divinely-validated narcissist the keys to the kingdom.

Walker '16.

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Anonymous said...

Well said................and before he has gone on to greener pastures people must ask themselves if Scott King Walker made Wisconsin a better place for its citizens or did he leave it a smoldering ruin for some one else to raise it from the ashes! How can Walker supporters look at this budget and see what it does to this state and its programs and not realize that none of this devastation would be needed if he hadn't totally mismanaged our fiscal resources[foolish tax cuts]for his and his party's own political gain [win an election].