Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Belling rips Walker on casino & arena, won't be Walker's "bootlicker."

Somebody needs to let Scott Walker know the Mark Belling radio show might not be the place later this week to get help with all that British egg which evolved onto the gubernatorial face.

Walker has ticked Belling off  - - royally, we say these days - - first over what Belling said on today's program was Walker's "stupid" rejection of the Kenosha casino.

Stupidity compounded, in Belling's view, with the Walker administration's fresh rejection yesterday of a new proposal by the Menominee to exchange casino approval for a $220 million donation that would fill in the budget for a new NBA arena downtown for the Milwaukee Bucks.

You have to understand that Belling loves casinos, and is something of a basketball savant, so of course he was extra annoyed that Walker's administration secretary Mike Huebsch declined to return a call or come on Belling's program to defend Walker's position.

Which is why the talker said on his Wednesday afternoon program that he will rip Walker for these decisions just like anyone else whom Belling says deserves a ripping; to emphasize his independence, Belling said he does not have his "nose up anyone's keister."

And to make sure everyone got that, Belling said he knew the image of his nose up someone's keister was disgusting because he knew he had a big nose; (I thought it got really disgusting when Belling added he also wasn't anyone's "bootlicker" and an image of boot-to-keister multi-tasking crossed my mind).

Belling said he's had always had Walker's back, but concluded that Walker now is distracted by his presidential campaign and doesn't have time for long-time core supporters who are from poor old Milwaukee, not London or Des Moines.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, when you haveta say your nose isn't up anybody's keister, you're prolly only saying it because your nose is up somebody's keister.

Also, those Walker jackboots.

Also a good fit. Even with contortions! No bootheels, no pain; no pain, no reign.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that one of Scottie's sycophants has discovered a grain of self respect? Belling has been licking Scottie's boots for years just like Sykes and Wagner.