Friday, February 13, 2015

Once upon a time, the paper lauded Walker's austerity

His out-of-the-box thinking and fiscal tenacity won him the Journal Sentinel's endorsement.

But now Walker's purported administrative and ideological virtues, if you will, threaten the hometown UW campus and all the community effort to make UWM relevant and successful - -  and the paper is worried.
In the wake of Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposals, UWM's mission may be crippled
Metaphors come to mind.

This is what happens when you think you're getting creative, out-of-the-box thinking, but that box turns out to be Pandora's.

Ride the tiger, end up inside.


Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - the watch dog that didn't bark.

Sue said...

Although I will take anything that might wake up the J-S, this is just one example of the very slow awakening of Wisconsin to Walker's mission:
It hurts when it affects you directly, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...


Go to

Scroll through everything today -- and then monitor for a week.

They will publish at least 4 propaganda pieces pumping walker up for every single thing that is published that you may deem legitimate.

We have a divide and conquer governor and legislature because of the dysfunctional right-wing media that blankets the state.

There is no slow awakening at j-s or any other media outlet -- they are all in the tank for walker. And when walker moves on -- they will pump up the next empty suit.

You see -- folks like walker are a dime a dozen. The massive propaganda he gets from the state's media -- all repeating the disinformation that usually starts at milwaukee journal sentinel, is what put him in the governor's mansion.

They can do the exact same thing with the next corporate tool.

Sue said...

Anon@5:48 - you may be correct and perhaps 'slow awakening' shouldn't be used as an example with J-S. But, I am noticing with regular people in my conservative neck of the woods that they are beginning to notice what Walker is doing, for the plain reason that it is starting to affect them. So, I'll give you J-S but stand on my belief that there is some realization - finally - that maybe things aren't so rosy.
I've said it before - it will take out-of-state media to bring all of the awful plans that Scott Walker is pushing to the forefront. That is and has been why I want him to run for President. It is the only way what he is doing is going to be carefully scrutinized. The J-S and others in-state could have done it as part of their responsibility to the state; out-of-staters will do it because it's going to be so much fun to write the stories from a distance. For heaven's sake, journalists outside the COUNTRY are already laughing at him.

Anonymous said...

So when will the chorus become:
Scott Walker won on "fixing the state's finances" and now he is ruining a great state to fill the hole he created on purpose.
Time to see the really big picture, voters and non-voters alike. Money to fix roads but not children's education or the UW. Keep asking why. And don't forget what he did his first term to cause this.