Thursday, February 12, 2015

If Walker shuts down EvolutionGate, media could change the subject

OK, national media. Live and learn. Walker makes up his mind, never changes it, so when he says he has nothing more to say about evolution - - (subliminal clause, 'because Iowa tea parties told me to zip it') - - he'll just stonewall until you give up or get interested in other things.

So here's an idea: pro-actively change the subject and ask a different question laden with relevancy - - but unlike the evolution questions - - there's a record to cite and explore.

Ask Walker:

Why did you solicit a $700,000 donation from an iron mining company - - a company that had been allowed to help write a iron mining sweetheart enabling bill which you supported, campaigned for and signed into law - - that was routing to a third-party, pro-Walker group advised by one of your key campaign advisers during your 2012 recall election?

Here is one link to the story and prosecutorial documents about that donation, and others.

Or just Google "Walker $700,000" for many postings, like this one.

Here's a very accessible legal analysis of the bill's impacts.

And if that one topic is too narrow, here's a wider range of possibilities.

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Protect the Water said...

I want to know if there was a $700,000 donation to Walker from the Iowa CAFO industry. A donation that is assisting them on making the move to Bayfield County WI. Where they will located 8 miles upstream from Chequamegon Bay and Lake Superior. In Eileen Township 46° 31.540'N 91° 0.843'W

Located adjacent to the Fish Creek Watershed which flows directly into Chequamegon Bay.

Plans would suggest that the facility will house 25,000 pigs and produce 6,000,000 million gallon of animal waste per year.

I want to know what promises have been made to the CAFO industry that has encourage this move to a region next to the fresh water drinking supply for local residents. Not to mention the tourism attraction the bay offers.

For more information start here:

Here file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/B036-1932-plate01.pdf