Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Least surprising headline of 2015

The Journal Sentinel turns nothing new into a page story, and online headline:
Scott Walker to deliver budget Tuesday with eye on presidential run
Here's a blog headline and lede from ten weeks ago:

Walker's Waterloo 

And here's how the Capital Times summarized a later blog post for its State Debate report:
Let's be clear about one thing, writes Political Environment blogger James Rowen, everything that Gov. Scott Walker says and does the next several months will be aimed at a national audience, not Wisconsin. He's not worried about Waterloo, Wisconsin, Rowen says, but Waterloo, Iowa.

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Anonymous said...

BTW, feel free to use the following: the claim that the Gov is making about cutting the UW system's budget--that his kid is a student there and so the Guv "has a stake" in keeping that system strong--is bunk.

By the time these cuts go into effect in the future budget, this young student will have graduated and won't suffer the consequences.

The Gov's claim does not stand up. But no one is calling him on this.