Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dealing with climate effects - - advantage, Minnesota

Call it another chapter in "Minnesota leaves Wisconsin in the dust."

Take a look at this exhaustive examination of climate change in Minnesota. Excellent use of very informative data, charts and text:
Climate Change in Minnesota: 23 signs
And what with Scott Walker's plan to cut $300 million from the UW System's budget, and State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' recent attack on University science, I thought I'd check to see if Wisconsin's counterpart to the Minnesota climate change focus might be replicated ar the Department of Natural Resources.

That's where the state employs experts who know all about climate effects on air, water, vegetation, wildlife, forest and wetlands right next door to Minnesota.

In fact, Minnesota's DNR has a link-filled, informative website about climate change. It is pro-actively keeping its residents informed.

So I went to the DNR's climate change web page, and found, as I had previously noted several times on this blog, that not a word has been added since June 18, 2012 to its one paragraph, single-link content

And here's a coincidence - - perhaps:

I'd noted on June 10, 2012 how much climate change detail there had been on that webpage, and much of that information dated to Doyle administration initiatives, before someone got rid of it.


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