Monday, February 16, 2015

How to discuss Walker's lack of a college degree

Don't go around yelling "dropout" and "he doesn't have a degree."

There's a bigger frame for his incomplete.

Focus on these two things about the three-and-a half years Walker spent at Marquette University before leaving in 1990 on the cusp of finishing his junior year but thirty-four credits short of graduating:

*  The failed and scandal-ridden student body campaign he ran in 1988 presaged subsequent violations to his benefit by his Milwaukee County Executive staff and also were harbingers of allegations that he and his 2012  recall campaign participated in illegal campaign fundraising and coordination.

* His personal unwillingness to stick with and appreciate the rigors and value of classroom work renders deeply hypocritical his "inaccurate...ridiculous...Pants on Fire" rewrite of The Wisconsin Idea, his proposed three hundred million dollar cut to the University of Wisconsin system and his attack on faculty members as lazy.

Seriously, look who's talking.


Anonymous said...

Might also suggest a mind formed too early with a lack of interest in the history of thought and an unwillingness to be challenged. An offensively defensive mentality.

Anonymous said...

But milwaukee journal sentinel props him up. He's their boy. They created this mess.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

100% true- the story isn't the lack of a degree. It's WHY he lacks the degree- kicked out for cheating in a school election and being well short of graduation after 4 years. The dishonesty and lack of intellectual curiosity are the real red flags.

It's not like he invented something or got a good job. The guy ran for State Assembly at 22 and has lived off the taxpayer since 1993.

James Rowen said...

@Jake - - There is no evidence that he was kicked out of school, for cheating or any other offense. I would recommend we stick to the proven facts.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

James- the evidence comes from the fact that despite the fact that I was born at 10pm, it wasn't last night. And it's the only time this guy was held accountable for his deceptions.

Anonymous said...

Someone will uncover why he left. Be it the reason he says or some other more tawdry reason as we all suspect. I am confident that people are digging, digging, digging as we speak.