Monday, February 16, 2015

He ripped Doyle for deficit, but now Walker says his deficit is, meh

Remember when Walker pounded Jim Doyle (who wasn't running for re-election) for a deficit (so bring on Act 10, wink wink)? For some truthiness, watch Walker in this link to key audio and video tapes admit to a Congressional committee key provisions of Act 10 had no fiscal impact what so ever.

But now that Walker's facing a projected revenue shortfall in the billions he helped to create through politically-inspired tax cuts (Walker '11, '12, '13, '14)  - - a shortfall that is about as large as was Doyle's [Sic]  - - Walker now says it's nothing to worry about.

The Journal Sentinel rates it a full flip flop, and let me tell you, that's hard to do when your pants are on fire while criss-crossing the country and kissing the Koch brothers' rings.


Anonymous said...

I stand with scott walker when I pee into the cup for the drug tests he wants to make mandatory.

I sit for scott walker when he needs something with a little more substance and form.

Anonymous said...

Paul Fanlund dug into the fine print in Walker's budget and Walker is cutting anything and everything that might benefit people, schools and local government . But rewards special interests and campaign donors! He even sticks it to local governments by eliminating the local government property insurance program which allows cities ,villages, school districts to pool together for low cost insurance. This will force these governing units to buy separate more expensive policies from WALKER'S INSURANCE INDUSTRY DONORS! A major media outlet has to tell Wisconsinites and the rest of the nation the truth about what this governor is doing to them.

Anonymous said...

Per Wisconsin law, shouldn't a deficit that big trigger a "budget repair" bill?