Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WI politics right now is all about the Iowa right

[Updated] The rush to criminalize legal-and-medically-necessary abortions in Wisconsin carried out after 20 weeks is headed for likely defeat in Federal Court, experts say.

It's another indication that this uproar is a charade at the expense of Wisconsin women - - even those whose pregnancies result from rape and/or incest - - a charade which has everything to do with Scott Walker's need for a strategic win among the far-right, anti-abortion caucus goers whom he hopes will give his preposterous presidential campaign the early boost he wants.

Though Politico.com notes today that Walker's pre-occupation with Iowa is costing him at home.

As I wrote in 2014, and in 2013, Walker's priorities for an Iowa victory and expanded appeal to the Tea Party base nationally dictates his use and abuse of the Wisconsin political landscape - - whether satisfying anti-gambling forces in Iowa by killing the Kenosha, WI casino, or further breaking unions with 'right-to-work' legislation to please that crowd in Iowa, or giving UW faculty their own, special Act 10 anti-public-employee treatment, or subjecting women here to medically-unneeded and invasive ultrasound procedures - - for his own personal and partisan purposes.

If it appeals to Iowa's deeply-conservative GOP base, Walker's for it, Bucky.

No wonder he tried to rewrite the public-service-for-Wisconsin Idea - - he's already removed himself from it.

More about Walker, especially for out-of-staters, here.

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