Tuesday, June 2, 2015

While pandering, Walker condemns pandering

Continually amazed that things fly out of Walker's mouth that are instantly contradictory and advance the self-parody that is at the core of his preposterous campaign to become The Most Powerful Person In The Whole Wide World.

Like, for example, flip-flopping from his tinny saber-rattling for boots-on-the-ground to fight ISIS, but calling attention to the retreat by framing it ineptly as a pledge against "excursions" - - while he was on a lake cruise excursion during a visit to New Hampshire.

And who could forget the self-serving photo ops he posted on Twitter from his recent Israeli excursion - - see, that's how you accurately use that word - - after stating it was a no-photo op trip.

Which brings us to the latest example - - the reported disagreement Walker had with a woman, Mary Heslin, during a question-and-answer event in New Hampshire over his mandating ultrasound procedures for women in Wisconsin legally seeking abortions.

After pandering to the audience by telling her that women needed information and assistance from wise politicians like himself - - tut, tut, little misinformed females - - he further pandered to the crowd as he got the last word and amplified it to the crowd's delight:
Walker ended his exchange with Heslin by telling the crowd he won't back away from his positions on controversial issues. 
"I think what you need are people who aren't going to pander just because someone agrees or disagrees with them," he said to applause.
Note also that this tendency to self-parody through contradiction is a hallmark of his administration, too.


Sue said...

All right, who let her in?
This lady is the first drop. It will become a trickle and then a flood unless his protectors become much more vigilant against the riff-raff.
People Asking Non-scripted Questions - how is he supposed to become president if these dangerous folks are allowed near him?

my5cents said...

It is even more clear today since the latest story came out on Walker's intent to sign a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks that he only cares about main talking point and not the details. He now says it doesn't matter if there are or are not exceptions to the law. That's why he doesn't really know what's in the Ultra-Sound bill. The details do not matter to him, only the bullet point. He's a do this and move on, do that and move on guy. He can't be bothered with the details of anything. So, now they are destroying our school system and he doesn't even care about that. It's all about him, the true narcissist.

JB said...

Oh wise and wonderful Walker! Telling us "What you need" ...

The grandiosity grows alarmingly. Will the fall be equally loud or will it be simpering and whimpering? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

If God tells Scott Walker to pander, then you should not be criticizing him for pandering. Don't you read the state's largest newspaper? He is a Holy Man and not only talks directly to God about everything, but he is actually doing God's Will. Who are you to judge? We should all bow down and pray to Scott Walker for he is send from the Heavens to purge that left-wing Jesus from the human consciousness.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Either way, it's definitely coming. I have a hard time believing the Rubio, Bush or Paul campaigns haven't noticed the flip-flops and blatant lies Walker peddles to the GOP rubes.

But I'm tired of media holding on to the charade that this guy's legit and his easily-disproven BS should just be allowed to waft out there. Especially as the state debates an abortion bill Walker has both backed and backed away from, depending on what he's running for and who he's talking to.

Anonymous said...

Walker would make the worst President along with Oboma !! Walker is a crook.
. Walkers 1 st week as Governor passed a bill under his executive order that he couldn't be prosecuted for his dealings in Milwaukee County while he is a Governor. People really want this Crook for President? Walker is a Phony if it wasn't for the Koch brothers pumping a lot of money in his pockets he would be nothing. I suspect that someday it will be found that Walker took Millions from the Koch brothers illegally. Here in Wisconsin the Koch brothers get what they want because Walker sleep with them. I'm telling you it is not good. So people that think Walker is a Good GUY beware he lies lick a rug ! I know someone out there is going to I'm an idiot. I don't care because everyone has there opinions. For the last time I'm telling Walker will F over The United States just like he has the Residents of WI.